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Baka and Update V 2.05

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Baka and Update V 2.05

Post by WanderingWlf on 4/5/2015, 9:31 am


+Added an Anime/Manga section
+Added a Blog Test Section
+Added Icons and profiles for twitch.tv and youtube. Equality for all!

Not much this time. I feel like we're running out of new things to add to the forums. It's at a good area now in terms of the way it looks and what it has to offer. I found out about how to add this Blog thing but it's not much different from normal posts. Does anyone like blogging? I like the idea of reading personal reviews from the people I like. I'll just leave it there for now.

Anyone have any ideas for the forums?

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Re: Baka and Update V 2.05

Post by Miomeo on 4/5/2015, 4:47 pm

Maybe an art/writing/creative/graphics section! Or some poll sections for people who like polls.. Idk...


At some point I was going to plan on redo-ing the banner (actually I worked on it but I didn't save it as a image format) so that's something.. soon.. maybe.


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