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Tabletop Sim Weiss.

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Tabletop Sim Weiss.

Post by Fanaticism on 16/7/2015, 7:33 pm

Gonna need everyone's deck list, preferably have the cards but it's not going to be enforced so really it's up to you.

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Re: Tabletop Sim Weiss.

Post by WanderingWlf on 16/7/2015, 7:44 pm

All I need is Miku and Disgaea.
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Captain Prinny

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Re: Tabletop Sim Weiss.

Post by Twidusk on 16/7/2015, 10:35 pm

i just use the klk trial deck!

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Re: Tabletop Sim Weiss.

Post by Verdant_Mushroom on 16/7/2015, 11:09 pm

Wolf got me Tabletop Sim, so I'll be joining!
All I really need is the Love Live TD.

Love Live Trial Deck:
4x    LL/W24-TE01    Runaway Delusions, Umi
2x    LL/W24-TE02    Daughter of a Japanese Confectionery, Honoka
4x    LL/W24-TE03    Daughter of the Chairman, Kotori
4x    LL/W24-TE04    Archery Club, Umi
2x    LL/W24-TE05    Otonokizaka High 2nd Year, Honoka
2x    LL/W24-TE06    "Not Fair" Kotori
2x    LL/W24-TE07    Climbing a Tree Together
2x    LL/W24-TE08    First Thoughts
2x    LL/W24-E101    "Wonderful Rush" Nico Yazawa
2x    LL/W24-E102    "Wonderful Rush" Umi Sonoda
2x    LL/W24-E103    "Wonderful Rush" Eli Ayase
2x    LL/W24-E104    "Wonderful Rush" Maki Nishikino
2x    LL/W24-E105    "Wonderful Rush" Nozomi Tojo
2x    LL/W24-E106    "Wonderful Rush" Hanayo Koizumi
2x    LL/W24-E107    "Wonderful Rush" Rin Hoshizora
2x    LL/W24-E108    "Wonderful Rush" Kotori Minami
2x    LL/W24-E109    "Wonderful Rush" Honoka Kosaka
4x    LL/W24-E110    "Oh, Love & Peace!" μ's
3x    LL/W24-E111    Wonderful Rush
1x    LL/W24-E112a    We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light
1x    LL/W24-E112b    We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light
1x    LL/W24-E112c    We Are Now Waiting In the Shining Light

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Re: Tabletop Sim Weiss.

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