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Closing the GMod Server

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Closing the GMod Server

Post by WanderingWlf on 2/8/2015, 9:34 pm

I'm sad to announce this but I'll be closing the GMod server. The only reason is because I'll be starting my new job and it'll be really hard to make use of it for now. There's always a chance for it to come back in the future. I have saved some scripts and stuff from the server so all is not lost. We still have GMod Towers/Towers Unite to look forward to for easy community gaming! If I can I will try to hold one last night of the GMod server later this week.  (My schedule won't let me do this. Temp RIP.)

With the GMod server going down the Mumble will be going down as well. It is not used much so it's no huge loss. We have other mumbles to use as well.

Once again, special thanks to @mioneon and @linohlyn for helping a lot with the server!

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Re: Closing the GMod Server

Post by Miomeo on 9/8/2015, 8:18 am

IT'S BEEN FUN. Also I am that @mioneon thumbsup


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