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December 2017

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Daily Lives of High School Updates V. 1.82

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Daily Lives of High School Updates V. 1.82

Post by WanderingWlf on 3/4/2015, 11:03 am

Change Notes:

+Shallie is not dead!
-Word of the day is GONE. HA.
+Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down emotes from hitbox added
+Fixed name colors to darker shades so it's easier to read.
+Changed Reputation name to Experience (Temp?)
+Added a global whiteboard at the Homepage.

Notes on Whiteboard:

-Thank @Miomeo
-It's a free source.
-Can only be accessed on homepage.
-Only 5 people can be on it at once. (When it's full you'll get a message saying it's full)
-The drawing is a bit stiff compared to other places like Flockdraw and such but maybe we can upgrade one day.
-Anyone can clear. We're working on an honor system here. Please don't erase what isn't yours.
-There will be scheduled clears as we see fit

Thanks for using the forums guys. I hope to keep moving forward with all this. And good luck to our Partnership Application for hitbox!

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Re: Daily Lives of High School Updates V. 1.82

Post by SweetieAshe on 3/4/2015, 11:07 am


Also the Whiteboard is a neat idea! People can write updates or whatever on it or just funny little things. I'd draw more on it if my tablet wasn't borked No

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